Ken Graydon

Ken Graydon has been involved in healing activities since the age of 16. His experience includes spiritual healing, EFT, Matrix Energetics, Organ and Cell Regeneration, pendulum healing and his own Regeneration Healing and Lemurian Healing Rod work.

Each client receives the right mix of intentions and procedures to bring about their best possible outcomes. The only limit is in the free will of the client. They get the best outcome they are ready to accept.

Ken offers healing sessions livethrough video, in writing [or for clients in Western Australia face-to-face].                          

Usually, the healing energy begins to flow from the moment that you make a firm appointment- you have advised the Creator that you are ready to make the changes that allow healing to happen.

Healing may include energy work, spiritual surgery, inspired intentions, pendulum clearing, personalised processes and the use of spiritual tools.